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Reports include detailed feedback and notes for improving each optimization factor. Your report will include detailed feedback so you understand what the optimization factor is and why you received a score. Reports show recommendations and priority. This will help you prioritize which optimizations to complete first. Recommendations marked High Priority will make the greatest long term impact.

Website Speed

The Usability and Performance sections of your Website Audit Report measure website speed. The usability section includes Google’s PageSpeed Insights, which measure factors affecting your website loading speed.

Search Engine Optimization

Your Website Audit Report includes an in depth analysis of your website’s SEO the following sections: On Page SEO, Keyword Ranking, and Backlinks (Off Page SEO). On Page SEO factors include optimizations on your website such as the page’s Title Tag and Meta Description. Keyword Ranking shows the effect of your current SEO such as your top 10 keyword rankings. Lastly, Backlinks are considered Off Page SEO which are optimizations NOT on your website, but elsewhere, on other websites. Backlinks are links on other website which link back to your website.

Why should I optimize my website?

Website optimization is vital for both getting customers to visit your website AND keeping them on your website. Your website needs to load quickly and perform well on various device screens such as mobile phone, desktop, and tablet. Your Website Audit Report will provide a detailed list of your website’s strengths and weaknesses.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving the quality of your website and content to increase the rank of your website on a search engine, such a Google.

How do I follow the recommendations?

Recommendations included in your Website Audit Report are detailed so you can optimize and fix each issue. If you are unsure how to complete a recommendation, resources like AHREFS, SEMRUSH, and MOZ provide detailed guides.

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