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Terms & Conditions

Updated June 2023

The following terms and conditions apply only to the Pick and Go Website:

1. Requirements for Client Provided Content

We hold our work and expected timelines to a strict standard so we can deliver professional websites in a given timeframe. We expect the same from our clients. We require our clients to submit all information necessary, as outlined in the Client Provided Content Checklist we provide, within 14 calendar days of signing these terms and conditions. Failure to submit this information in time will result in a Project Restart Fee since we need to reallocate our team resources. The Project Restart Fee is $25, which is equal to 10% of the deposit. An invoice will be emailed to the client  and due within 7 calendar days.

2. Website Management Billing

Billing for website management will be begin at the earlier of: 1 calendar month after website is completed and emailed to the client for review or when the website is approved.

3. Estimate

The total estimated cost for this project is $500. Should the project require additional features for example, adding pages or a blog, the design and monthly maintenance cost will change. Anchor Online, LLC will provide updated estimates if an additional features requested increase the cost of the website.

4. Deposit and Balance Payments

The deposit is due within 7 days of signing these terms and conditions. The deposit is 50% of the total estimated project cost. The deposit is $250. This deposit is non-refundable. Anchor Online, LLC has the discretion to offer a full or partial refund given the circumstances. The balance of the website is due within 7 days of the client approving the website.

5. Breach of Contract

If either party, the client or Anchor Online, LLC, accuse the other party of a breach of contract, they shall notify the other party in writing within  30 days with the details of the accusation.

6. Website Management

Website management is a month to month contract. The client can cancel at any time. No refunds will be given for an unused partial billing cycle. This contract is considered prepaid. The client makes payments prior to Anchor Online, LLC managing the website for a given billing  cycle.

7. Copyright Infringement

Any material (images or copy) provided by Anchor Online, LLC for the purpose of designing the website will be licensed for use on the website. The client is responsible for obtaining and retaining licensing or legal permission for any material the client provides to Anchor Online, LLC for use of the website. Anchor Online, LLC will not be held responsible for unauthorized use of material which the client  provided.

8. Legal Jurisdiction

This Agreement shall be construed pursuant to and governed by the substantive laws of the  State of Florida.

9. Ownership

After the project is paid in full, the client is considered to hold ownership of the website. Any copy or design provided by Anchor Online may be redistributed or used by Anchor Online on other websites. At any point after the project is paid in full, the client may request the website be transferred to a different hosting service provider.

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